These were all unsolicated comments that were received by our Jax home inspection customers.

Hi Steve, Thank you very much for your expertise. I am very happy that I selected you to do the inspection. I was impressed at your breadth of knowledge.  Thank you again, looking forward to reading your report. –Melissa

“Thanks Steve. I greatly enjoyed your inspection and “lesson” today. I will be recommending your work to others :-) S. Snook

“Thank you very much. I appreciate your taking the time to perform a thorough inspection.”

“Thanks Steve ! Nice job indeed with the inspection. I am very satisfied” – Sudhan

“Thanks for your help & expert advice during your visit.” – Haroon

“Thanks Mr. Steve! I am so glad to have you as our inspector! Your work was very detailed and thanks for providing all the knowledge!Thanks so much for all your help!” Best, Rohit

 ”Thank you so much for the foundation inspection. And for you referral contractor who did a really good job.” – James D.

“ Thanks for the great job at the inspection. I will definitely recommend you to our friends.” – Richard K., Basking Ridge, Jax

 ”It was a pleasure to finally meet you Stephen on an inspection.” -Colleen Mc C.- Real Estate Attorney

“Hi Steve, Thanks for expediting this report and being so thorough too. Glad Colleen recommended your services – and we will do the same!” – Kathy D

 ” I like the way you did my home inspection today much better than my first inspector. He was good, but Stephen, you were great!” -Jude F., Staten Island, NY

“ Thanks for doing such a detailed inspection. I’m sorry for not having been there. The inspection was so detailed that I didn’t need to be on site to understand the house. After reading the inspection that was emailed to my office, I was able to speak much more confidently to my realtor and attorney about the repairs.” -James B. of East Brunswick, Jax

 ”Hey Steve, It was nice to finally have met you. Your report was so detailed and thorough that I was simply blown away. BTW, do you have a good electrician that you can refer to us? Thanks again for a great inspection.” – Ron.. H. of Somerset, Jax

“You guys are heads over tails better than the inspector we hired for our last home inspection. Steve made it clear that we could call anytime with questions- something that we really appreciate. We will definitely refer our friends and family to you.” – Kim Z., Flemington, Jax

“I was really impressed by your great pre-inspection work. You were very thorough in finding all the important inspection issues. Thanks you for all the great lessons on the various maintenance items. You were very clear on what I should fix. The house was sold two weeks after the inspection.” – John S., of Kendall Park, Jax

“Thank you Steve for your quick response. I appreciate it. Have a great weekend.” – KB Singh