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Yes…the doctor is in!

Ameri-Search Home Inspections  has been in business in  Jacksonville for over 15 years.  One of your most important investment decisions will be buying a house. You need find the right the right home inspector to do the job.  You will need an honest, hardworking  home inspector with lots of “house experience”.  Your search for an expert home inspector has ended here!

Ameri-Search Home Inspections of Jacksonville will give your new home the attention that other competitors cannot. This includes inspecting for building envelope energy loss symptoms, moisture problems, electrical deficiencies,  home heating efficiency and ductwork leaks.  We give you what you’ve been searching for in a company, honesty and integrity.

Stephen  will  preform your home inspection.  Having been with Ameri-Search Inc. for 15 years, Stephen’s compassion and experience is unmatched having preformed well over 10,000 inspections.  For you this means you will receive the very best home inspection.

As per Stephen, “When I write my reports I keep three simple words in mind that also comply with ASHI “Standards of Practice”.    

1. Identify:  I tell  my clients all the deficiencies that are found on the property.

2. Explain: I tell my clients why it is important to correct a problem or situation.

 3. Advise: I tell my clients how to address a deficiency and who to contact when a repair is needed.

Go to the ABOUT tab to learn more about Stephen.   He has built literally hundreds of homes himself.  See the photos of a few of his projects  as a  Jax building contractor.  He is a  recognized Jacksonville Home Inspector, a Jax Real Estate Consultant and new construction building systems expert!  Let experience speak for itself.

References are always available upon request.  Reports are issued the Same Day as the day of the home inspection. Ameri-Search Home Inspections of Jacksonville will  take the worry out of finding all the facts regarding thr homes condition. Our company will provide an objective, information and detailed narrative report that tells everything you need to know about the home you want to purchase.

Don’t be fooled by other home inspection companies that do not have the experience or have hidden agendas that hide the facts of a house.  I’m sure you don’t want to be asking yourself after the inspection, ” Why did the home inspector miss so many things?

As per StephenAs a “hands on” general building contractor with over 38 years of  work site installation experience in the United States, I know houses inside and out.  I am familiar with all the building codes, plumbing codes and electrical systems.  I deal with deficiencies in homes every day and am  happy to explain why these concerns  are important to you.  I can point out how to fix any problem and how to properly maintain the house in order to avoid issues in the future.”                                                        

We Regularly Hear Horror Stories  about some of the Poor Work being done by a local home inspector trying to enter the field with very little experience. They are out there that just to collect their fees and walk around as if they know something, just putting up a false or deceptive facade, at your expense.  A lot of fancy tools loaded in a carry on bag may look impressive, but the person doing the inspection must know what their doing in the first place.

In this crazy world where everything is

rushed, texted, and squeezed in…

We will always make time for YOU!

Inspections usually take about three hours.  No matter how large or small or expensive the house, every plumbing fixture and appliance has at least one valve, gasket or hose that can dry out if the appliance stands idle for a while. That may cause gaps that can leak or even flood when a new home owner moves in.  If there are  additional maintenance questions after the inspections  We will be glad to help you and will offer approved contractor assistance, if requested.

With in a few hours  the inspection report will be ready.  I  would rather spend any remaining time explaining things to the you, our Client.  By writing  the report right after the home inspection, a much more detailed and accurate  inspection will be created.  If there are additional questions the following day, they will be answered (ASAP) As Soon As Possible.

As an independent,  owner operated company located in Jax, our company can  deliver and guarantee  an unbiased, detailed narrative report with photos of important details.

Ameri-Search has no additional business relationships with  real estate companies that sometimes may request to hide the facts as a matter of convenience “so the deal goes through for the realtors”.

Feel free to call for a free quote or to answer any home inspection question.  Ameri-Search Home Inspections is your best source for home inspections in Jacksonville. Stephen not only does home inspections but  has a passion for  every detail of the home.