The very idea that agents are the primary source of Jacksonville home inspector referrals is a clear and obvious conflict of interest. Yet most home buyers never seem to give this a thought. Sometimes buyers simply hire the agent’s favorite inspector, without asking if this is the best one available. When temptation prevails, the lesser inspector becomes the agent’s choice, while the detailed inspector is written off as a “deal killer.” You need a home inspector that will tell you the truth about your investment.

In the gallery displayed above there is a chimney in disrepair, loose house siding that indicates internal problems, an overhead garage door that is cracked and poorly attached to the closing unit represents a safety hazard and old plumbing drainage pipes that need attention. Some of these problems were not self- evident and were never mentioned in the sellers disclosure. Because the siding was loose didn’t appear to be a big problem until it was discovered that the sheathing below was a gypson material that when damp and had started to deteriorate.

The largest single investment you will ever make will be the purchase of a home. In the gallery above, the chimney shows age and deteioration from the exterior. What is not evident and was explained to the client is that there may be more hidden damage inside the chimney. During the inspection, you should learn as much as you can about the condition of the property and the possible need for any major repairs. A comprehensive inspection of the property is required. You wil be able to minimize costly repair bills or any unpleasant surprises after moving in. A detailed inspection report is always released the same day as the inspection.

Even the most knowledgeable home owner will benefit from the experience of a professional home inspector who has inspected thousands of homes. Our inspections check all elements of the home. For example, questions concerning signs of wear and roof life expectancy, structural wood frame cracks, wet stains/or efflorescence on basement walls, the condition and life expectancy of the heating system are answered. You will have a better understanding of the home before leaving the property. We will help you organize all the important facts concerning the house and grounds.

What if the inspector finds problems?

No house is perfect. No matter how large or small or expensive a house, every plumbing fixture has at least one valve, gasket or hose that can dry out if the item in question is not in use. That causes gaps that can result in leaks or even floods when a new home owner moves in. If problems are found with the house, you will know what to expect. In the photo on the left improper repairs were found, something that the average person would ot understand. The seller may be flexible with the contract terms if major problems are found. If your budget is tight, this information will be extremely important to you.

As professional home inspectors in Jacksonville, there should be no other financial interests in the property as defined by the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) “Code of Ethics”. We generally do not offer repair contracts if work needs to be done to the house. During the home inspection, the inspector objectively records all pertinent data that will be of use to you and your attorney before closing in the property. The report is confidential.

Does a Home Inspector need to be an Engineer?

You do not have to be an engineer to be a good home inspector. As a matter of fact, being an engineer, by itself, will not ensure a good home inspection. Engineering is a different type of investigation, involving scientific measurements and mathematical calculations. Performing a home inspection is a discipline of it’s own, unlike any other field of endeavor.

A home inspector’s role, as being a generalist, can reveal to you any major problems or deficiencies throughout the home that may cost a lot to correct. Also any problems that pose a potential health, safety, or fire hazard will be mentioned in the report.

Why would I need a Pre-Sales inspection?

Today the number one Deal-Wrecker is to show a home with problems or undisclosed defects. The buyer may walk away and find an easier home to purchase. A homeowner needs to know how to put their property in shape to efficiently market and sell to potential buyers. Most agents won’t show a home to a buyer unless they are pre-qualified by a bank to recieve a mortgage. A home inspector will find things the average person would never think of. A home inspection can help you identify maintenance concerns , organize an agenda for repair, and help you sell your house!

This information is helpful in several ways. A presale inspection will eliminate last minute surprises, which can cause the deal to fall apart. By accurately disclosing the properties condition to potential buyers you will more likely receive realistic offers and the deal will close with fewer problems. Properties with fewer unanswered questions will often sell faster. Surprises which arise after the buyer makes an offer often leads to delays and price renegotiations.

Should I Attend the home inspection?

Almost all homes have defects, which buyers will want the sellers to correct prior to the close of escrow. When you know those defects in advance you can get repair estimates from contractors and provide that information to the buyers. You may wish to have some of the items repaired prior to listing the property for sale. A defect disclosure, which is accompanied by a cost to correct can provided by a reputable contractor. This can defuse a potential problem before it occurs. The unknown possible cost always appears more threatening and risky than a known expense.

We encourage you to be present throughout the entire inspection. A typical inspection will take between 2 to 4 hours to conduct, depending on the size and condition of the home, and how many question our clients have. You will learn first hand about any strengths and weaknesses of your new home. We encourage our clients to ask questions during the inspection. Maintenance items will be discussed. You will find the written report easier to understand after seeing the property through the inspectors eyes. If for some reason you cannot be present during the home inspection, your inspector will be glad to review it with you later that day.

What kind of insurance is carried?

Ameri-Search Inc has an Errors and Omissions insurance with (GREIA) Organization of Real Estate Inspectors of America. GREIA is one of the oldest and most reliable carriers in the industry. They protect both home buyers and realtors alike. E&O Insurance is N.J. State mandated and used in case an inspector did not disclose a major defect.

What Does the Ameri-Search Inspection Covers?



Kitchen area

Interior Conditions

Utility Rooms



What if Contractor repairs are needed ?

In the event that problems are found in the home that need further evaluation/or repair, Ameri-Search wil be happy to refer competent tradespeople with just one call from you. This can prove to be a true time saver during the home purchase process when competent tradespeople are so hard to find. We will be with you every step of the way.