Tips for Hiring A Reliable Moving Company

Professional moving companies are experts in transporting items from one location to another without damaging them. Depending on the situation, your movers may pack everything, transport it to the new location, and then unpack the items. There are options to choose from: having the movers pack everything in your house, pack only fragile items or any combination of services. We have a nice set of tips that will help you get a good start.

Inquire about the services offered.

Many professional movers offer add-on services to help with this aspect of the move. With options ranging from self-service to white glove moving services, professional movers are the smartest choice. Before moving day, make sure that you are well-organized and ready for the movers to arrive. But, it may be worth the expense to allow professional movers to take charge of the whole ordeal while you sit back and relax.

Know the fees involved.

Some movers may charge flat fees, but these are rare. Some movers charge by hourly rates while others charge flat fees. It will significantly impact overall costs. You can ask for an estimate from a moving company in Jacksonville to get an idea of costs involved with hiring a crew.

Hiring professional movers saves you time, stress and effort. With all the factors considered, hiring professional movers may be the more cost-effective solution. Movers can help eliminate this challenging responsibility for you.

Make a comparison.

Compare moving companies, and you’ll find that most require payment before moving day. When there is long distance involved, it’s important to find movers that are both reliable and affordable. In my experience, when we relocated, we discovered the need for movers with integrity, courtesy, professionalism, and expertise. It saved us the trouble and the worry of getting our stuff be “lost.”

It’s also imperative to choose movers who have insurance, licensing, and experience. Licensed movers are also required to provide you with written proof of insurance. Interstate movers are required to be authorized by the federal government and assigned a motor carrier number.

Movers that are not keen in communicating can subject their customers to the many troubles of subcontracted work. If they’re not talking to you, take it as a bad sign and move on to another set of professionals. Most movers will provide potential clients with a free moving quote. Moving nightmares like these are not limited to professional commercial movers though. Regardless of how you search for moving quotes, the key is to seek an excellent price along with reliability.

Trust your gut feeling.

An important step in moving is hiring movers with whom you feel comfortable. If the movers make you feel uneasy especially when it comes to dealing with them, don’t ignore your feeling and look for other people to hire. Feeling uncomfortable can be a red flag as it would be difficult to finish a big task such as moving if you can’t shake off some negative feelings. It’s stressful to move, and you don’t want more stress to get the best of you.

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