Water Heater Without a Future

While inspecting a commercial building earlier in the week, here in central Jacksonville,  I came across many defects but there was one that stuck out in my mind that I wanted to share. It’s the flue vent connected to multiple hot water heaters that had a huge hole or gap in it.  It’s too bad that the maintenance mechanic, if there was one, didn’t notice this defect sooner. The effects of not noticing this defect is a definite ongoing health hazard to everyine in the building. That’s why it’s so important to have annual inspections in public buildings.

What is happening is that a huge amount of poison gas is being dumped into the basement of this building every day. Carbon monoxide causes drowsiness and headaches and can lead to a person dying from overexposure.

Additional, I didn’t have to go too much farther until I noticed the bottom of the hot water heater was leaking. Since this was in the unfinished area of basement if the tank did burst, it would probable cause a minimum of damage. That’s why when visiting a home I always recommend an emergency drain pan to be installed under the hot water heat appliance, especially if it’s located on the 2nd floor. Additional damage was noted on the bottom of the tank due to rusting that was coming from the inside. The water heater will have to be replaced.

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