Front Step Problem

The front steps leading to the home is used many time during the day and is considered a mainstay of the home both aesthetically and structurally. When friends come to visit they rely on the integrity of this thoroughfare.

When in the market for a new home consideration must be given to the cost of either repairing or replacing masonry steps that lack maintenance. Steps that do not look good to even the inexperienced eye are probably loaded with hidden problems. Over the years during the winter seasons homeowners use salt or other products to melt the ice from the steps. This has a tendency to go beneath the surface and deteriorate the structure of the steps.

Normally steps built in the fifties consisted of either concrete block but probably mostly cinder blocks. Salt can effect the structure of the steps adversely. Of course masonry component smay loosen from time to time and can be repaired easily. But after years of use the underlying structual cinder blocks may have seen their day. Often times, once remedial work has first been started, more and more damage is found. There’s no sense in building or repairing on top of someting that has crumbled and is no longer structurall efficient. The whole  steps may have to be rebuilt.

Another consideration are the iron railings that are mounted into the concrete blocks or bricks. If their in good condition they can be used again. But if not, than the wrought iron railings will need to be replaced. And that is an expensive consideration. Often times if one has to rebuild the steps it may be a good idea to install aluminum railings- that do not rust. Thereby saving you the anxiety of replacing the old iron railing in the near future.

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