Poor Furnace Installation

During my visits to many homes in the central Jacksonville area I get to see appliance installations that sometimes make me want to shake my head in disbelief. During a recent inspection in Kendall Park, Jax I noticed this strange configuration of a furnace sitting on top of a built up wooden platform. I said to myself what a sloppy job. The location of the furnace was within a utility closet located on the 2nd floor. What was also missing was an emergency drain pan. Without a drain pan or tiled floor area with a built in drainage pipe, this installation will eventually lead to disaster. The furnace will someday leak from the evaporator coil built into the enclosure and flow downward into the finished ceiling of the living room causing a huge amount of damage.

Even though the townhouse unit looked quite nice from the exterior, problems existed in the interior due to a lack of quality control and supervision of the builder organization. This problem is a ticking time bomb. It’s not a question if the furnace will someday leak, but when it will leak.  And it will leak.

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