Termite Infestation

After all that is said and done, locating a termite infestation is sometimes challenging but always rewarding.  As you can see in the photo there is a brown colored clay material that is glued into place between sections of floor joists located in one area of a-the unfinished  basement. While checking the polarity of some electric receptacles I happened to look up and found the evidence of termites. With this much mud encased between the floor components, it was quite evident that termites had been here in the past and for a long time.

What is also interesting is that due to closed walls, the distinct possibility of additional damage exists within the built up beam or girder.  I disclosed this termite evidence in both the home inspection report and also in the Wood Destroying Insect document.  I called for further evaluation of the built up beam/and the removal of some drywall material in order to do this.

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