Attic Access

Stephen,  who has been inspecting homes in Central Jacksonville since 1998, says he often goes the extra mile when inspecting attics. When necessary, I have taken clothes out of the closet myself or with the help of the home owner or real estate agent.  I usually put an old sheet or towel over the clothes and try to position my step ladder as best as possible so as to gain access thru the scuttle hole.  If there are two access points, I can climb over to the other side and get in that part of the attic anyway.

Gaining access into the attic is always an important  part of the home inspection process. There are many areas of concern, such as, plumbing venting pipes used in conjunction with bathroom exhaust and clothes dryer ducting, flue pipes that are connected to the homes heating system, fire separation walls, type and condition of installed insulation, possible animal infestation, possible mold and mildew, deficient structural conditions, attic ventilation and the possibility of roof leaks.

The most difficult problem I sometimes face is actually squeezing through the scuttle access hole itself, that can be severely undersized especially in older homes.  If I didn’t go in the attic or any other space for that matter, the lack of access is documented in the report . “Photos are always a plus.”

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