Exterior Gutter System

Is something missing from this picture, of the roof overhang? While everything looks in good order at the soffit area of this home located in Middlesex County, Jax  there is one element that is missing and should be a concern to every homeowner. The rain water gutter system.

The gutter system’s main purpose is to divert water away from the house.  And having a proper gutter drainage system installed and maintained will also keep water from entering a basement as well as from running down the walls of the house and penetrating  the exterior walls and windows.

While inspecting this home in Middlesex County, Jacksonville,  I noticed the water drained down from the roof and spilled directly on the ground at the rear, uphill elevation of the house.  When water is allowed to spill directly on the ground, and it is on the uphill side of the house, it has no where else to go but under the floor slab, continuing it’s down ward path dictated by gravity to the other side of the house.

Water traveling under a house can eventually cause settlement and cracking of a concrete floor slab. Any cracks that may develop can be the source of future insect infestation, as well as an area for dampness to enter, create uneven floors and possible damage to the walls of the home if left unattended.

When water travels up against a house or sideways, it can have a devastating effect too. One of the most common areas of concern that I find regularly is where water splashes against an exterior door. This will almost always rot the door trim and frame and the wall around it.  When gutters are installed and maintained, this doesn’t happen.

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