Damaged Dryer Vent

A disconnected/and damaged gas dryer duct was found while inspecting a house the other day. The clothes washing appliances were located in  utility room connected to the main house.  At first, it was a little difficult to see the damage because the duct was pushed behind the dryer appliance.  As soon as I started the gas dryer appliance did the extent of the defect become noticeable.  Lint debris was blowing into the air.

Since this was a gas dryer, fossil fuel must be combusted along with deadly odorless carbon monoxide gas. And expelled, in this case, into the living space of the home causing a very hazardous condition. The house had only been vacant for a month. The service person that did the installation just didn’t do  a good job. Luckily the duct ruptured when I started the appliance.  Even a small hole in the duct would be very dangerous to anyone living in the house that could cause headaches and also be life threatening. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless and it doesn’t take very much to harm an individual. The hole is located where the gas pipe and shut-off valve are situated.

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