Vents Going No Where

Whenever I inspect any house or townhouse or condo, an important part of the inspection is going into the attic and seeing that all the bathroom venting ducts are properly installed.  Sometimes the builder’s subcontractor forgets to terminate the bath vents through the roof or to a vented soffit area and the duct may be left  venting into the attic for years.  This is a serious defect.  Left unchecked, a disconnected  bathroom duct can bring a serious amount of moisture into the attic.

 Improper installation can result in considerable moisture being vented into attic space.  This excessive moisture in turn will develop into condensation and then mold. Yes mold can survive even in cold places.  Moisture can also impact the effectiveness of insulation, also causing premature deterioration.  The staining at the ends of these ducts are evidence of such moisture.   Ducts should always vent unobstructed to the exterior.  As in the photo, the duct vents into No Where, meaning the attic space which is not good for the house.

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