Speaking about Mold

According to a statement released by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, ” Mold spores are present in all indoor environments and cannot be eliminated from them.”

Whenever mold starts to grow indoors there is a source of water or moisture that is present that needs to be controlled. If normalization of the indoor environment can succeed, than the source of water or dampness must first be identified before corrective procedures can be put in place.

Mold is very commonly found in many houses. If basements are not dehumidified in the summer months, mold will develop; even during the colder winter months mold can develop on inorganic surfaces if moisture or dampness is present, ie metal basement exit doors. Mold can also be found in attics where dampness is present due to inadequate ventilation and/or a roof leak.

Mold growth in and around one’s home should not go unchecked as the next level is for rot to develop  leading to unsightly staining and physical deterioration of organic materials such as wood trim; mold is also likely to produce allergic symptoms to sensitive people.

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