Chinese Drywall

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) has just released the white paper on  corrosive/oe chinese drywall according to a news item submitted by Kenneth Kruger, ACI as was noted in the December 2010 issue of the ASHI Reporter.  This documentation helps to identify the many problems associated with corrosive drywall.

Corrosive drywall (CDW) was installed in thousands of homes and buildings mostly in the southern part of the United States as early as 2001.  It has high levels of elemental sulfur, which caused problematic hydrogen sulfide emmissions.

These emmissions have a very strong rotten egg odor, cause major damage to homes by destroying copper, and cause health concerns in the form of allergy-like symptoms, as well as headaches and nose bleeds. Homes that have Chinese drywall are being gutted completely, because the repair requires replacement of the drywall in the copper in the home – plumbing pipes, electric wires, electric panels, aire conditioners…etc.

As noted in Florida, Lousiana and Virginia but not limited to these regions.  Metal components connected to electric receptacles and pipes hidden within walls were considered to have serious corrosive defects.

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