Consumers Beware

Jacksonville Home Inspection Law was first initiated it took about a year for someone to become licensed. The requirements were classroom study and test with a required number of inspections to be preformed.  Things were looking good.

Since that time the home inspection law has been watered down quite a bit with minimal qualifications of as little as three weeks of class room training. We can thank the politicians that we voted in for permitting  this to happen…a rushed, rushed crazy way of doing things.  I know. I was actively promoting licensing home inspections in Jacksonville at that time.

My point is that the buyer should beware of less experienced inspectors who offer lower prices than the norm. You know as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.  Licensing is now a minimal qualification. Organizations such as (ASHI) American Society of Home Inspectors require high educational standards and a minimal of 250 paid inspections before becoming a Member. That should feel like a breath of fresh air compared to what has happened to the industry. Before booking an inspection, please try to find out the credentials of the person that will be doing your home  inspection.

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